Initial Response

Throughout this photography course I’ve been thinking about what I want to do after and at first I thought about going to university but get disheartened by the cost and the pressures I see family members and friends go through. Then I¬†thought about doing an apprenticeship but I require more money for bills as apprenticeships … More Initial Response

3D Evaluation

I found the 3D project to be the hardest piece of work I have done on this photography course because I have never been good at making things with my hands which made it especially hard to do my 3D off the wall final piece and I didn’t find the work interesting apart from working … More 3D Evaluation

3D off the wall

  For my Final 3D off the wall image I decided to stick my model’s interest in skateboarding and make the images into cuboids. I wanted to see if I could recreate my 2D final image which is on the right and change it into 3D which is on the left, at first I wanted … More 3D off the wall

3D initial response

My initial response to this unit was overwhelming because it was the first time learning about 3D photography which included questioning about what it was and how many types there were. When I started researching more about it I found out there are a few different types out there such as cubism where you can … More 3D initial response

Peer Assessment

For my peer assessment I decided to assess one of Rose’s recent pieces of portrait work where she based it on fire performance. The first thing that grabs my attention is the silhouette of the model created by the back lighting¬† which you can tell by the soft glow that it is created by fire … More Peer Assessment