Training courses

There are a few courses shown on this website but one of the courses that stood out was adobe lightroom training, the main reason being that I hardly know anything about adobe lightroom and I know it would help my editing skills if I knew more.


This course aims to provide more experienced users with the knowledge and hands-on experience in techniques necessary to create, manipulate and edit professional quality images with skill and precision. I find this workshop very interesting because I use photoshop and still have much to learn about all the tools it has and the different techniques necessary to create quality images.


This course is designed to help photographers develop critical and creative skills for engaging with built environment through photography. Photographers will be encouraged to explore their own style and approach, and will gain the technical and theoretical knowledge to develop your photography practice. This course has interested me because I feel it would be good to know the different types of photography and how the artists first thought of them as well as the progression throughout the years.


This course is for anyone who has basic familiarity with Photoshop but is looking for new ideas, a wider range of techniques, and the ability to use Photoshop to develop a personal style. I am very interested in this course because it will help me gain more ideas by the help in knowing more techniques and all the tools within Photoshop.


This course is for anyone willing to learn more about composition, shooting a sunset and flash photography. I am interested in this course because I feel my composition needs improving and I would like to learn how to use my flash properly.


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