Employment Opportunities


The Digital Fairy company are looking for people within the field of Photography, Creative Direction, Creative Services, Retouching, Art Direction to join their team. I found this job interesting because I have basic knowledge of photography and retouching images on Photoshop. I feel like I could learn a lot from this job if my application is successful.


The Artformphotography company are looking for someone to do editing on lightroom during the week and assist the photographer during the weekend. This job really appeals to me because I know I could learn a lot from assisting a photographer in the field and I know I would be able to quickly get the hang of the lightroom editing software with a bit of practice.


Uniq studios are looking for an apprentice that has some editing skills and has an interest in commercial photography who will hopefully move onto a permanent job role. This job appeals to me because there are oppurtunites to learn more about photography and a chance to improve my editing skills.


Splashphotos are looking for someone that has a talent for portrait photography, confidence and has good English communication skills, some Photoshop experience, a happy, energetic personality. Someone who will enjoy working with children. The locations are at Guildford, Surrey or Crawley, West Sussex. I feel like this job role has sufficient opportunities to improve my photography skills as well as communication skills and I am able to drive to any of the locations.


BTC are looking for someone who can specialize in producing a diverse range of marketing products including interior and exterior photographs, floor plans and energy performance certificates. Full training will be provided which also includes funding for your Domestic Energy Diploma. Someone who is open to travel to different locations throughout the capital. I Like this advert because I feel like I would be able to learn things quickly and then provide a satisfactory service.


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