Free Range Exhibition 2017

Emma Ashwin is a freelance and editorial photographer based in Leicestershire/Loughborough area who exhibited her ‘Metamorphosis’ series in the Free Range exhibition 2017.

Emma Ashwin
Emma Ashwin- ‘Metamorphosis’

This is the image that grabbed my attention whilst looking through the Free Range exhibition 2017 website. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the double exposure within the portrait as the contrast of the landscape image mixes in well with the model’s complexion. The image uses similar tones such as the shirt and the background, and the landscape tones are from a related colour palette. The next thing I noticed was the leading lines of the electric pylon cables leading up to her eyes that could represent the nerves behind our eyes giving off electrical signals to our brain.


Emma Ashwin also has her own website where she has her portfolio work show casing:

  • portraits
  • nature photography
  • Photoshop images

Each photograph has been individually priced according to the canvas size.

She also has a separate page to talk a bit about herself and to explain the types of services she offers, including weddings with three differently priced packages labelled bronze, silver and gold. Each package provides extra elements such as a photograph album and canvas print. Additionally she can edit images for a cost depending on the amount of work required.

Ashwin has a contact page where you can leave your name and email address with your message as well as a link to her business Facebook page and telephone number.


Seeing Ashwin’s work has inspired me to create my own official website that people can go to and buy my images from, as well as services for digital editing and photoshoots. I will also create a video page for tutorials on how to use Photoshop for those who are interested in developing their skills. This will be via a subscription service.


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