Artist Presentation

I decided to do my artist presentation on Oscar Parasiego because I find him the most inspiring artist that I’ve researched because his work is the reason why I first got interested in Photoshop and started learning more about it so I can hopefully inspire others as well.

Inspirational artists

Throughout the photography course there are some artists I have researched and written about more than once because their work inspire me more than any other artists I have researched. The first artist that inspires me is Jem Southam, who was born in Bristol in 1950 and is also one of the UK’s leading photographers. … More Inspirational artists

Training courses

Aspire Photography Training There are a few courses shown on this website but one of the courses that stood out was adobe lightroom training, the main reason being that I hardly know anything about adobe lightroom and I know it would help my editing skills if I knew more.   Royal Photographic Society Photoshop Workshop … More Training courses

Employment Opportunities

  The Digital Fairy- PHOTOGRAPHER/CONTENT CREATOR The Digital Fairy company are looking for people within the field of Photography, Creative Direction, Creative Services, Retouching, Art Direction to join their team. I found this job interesting because I have basic knowledge of photography and retouching images on Photoshop. I feel like I could learn a lot from … More Employment Opportunities